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Welcome To Rising Sun Advisors

Mission & Vision

Enable business and mission of an organization by making lasting improvements to our clients’ Cyber Security performance while enabling the “sun to rise” for others by..


Miheer Khona, President & CEO of Rising Sun Advisors, LLC, is a cyber security & privacy advocate and thought leader, philanthropist, son, brother, and a trusted advisor. 


It is our belief at Rising Sun Advisors that working alongside smart, intellectually stimulating, fun, down-to-earth people fosters something amazing and brilliant.

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Rising Sun Advisors, LLC is a boutique management consulting firm based in Washington, DC that excels in human-learning based solutions, operating at the intersection of Business and Cyber Security.
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Our Services

Strategic Services

Strategic services consist of cross-cutting management and governance functions to paint a picture of the desired future and long-term goals of the cyber security organization’s mission.

Operational Services

Operational services consist of functions that are concerned with activities for managing risk, assigning responsibilities, and monitoring the adequacy of the entity’s controls.

Technical Services

Technical services consist of engineering functions to implement strategic and operational measures to avoid, counteract or minimize loss or unavailability of an organization’s information.

Our Clients

Many companies and organizations trust in our quality

Our Clients

Many companies and organizations trust in our quality

Partners & Associations

We partner with leading organizations to deliver industry-leading value to you